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How to Complete Checkout from www.reelsigns.com.au

Select a Checkout Button based on your Payment Method:

We have 2 Different Checkout Buttons !

Pay via EFT Bank Deposit or Credit/Debit Card

           Bank Deposits    &    Credit / Debit Cards


        Pay via your Paypal Account or credit/debit card

Payment methods for www.reelsigns.com.au

Bank Deposit / EFT

Once you have completed your order you will be able to select Bank Transfer / EFT  as payment method.
Acccount details will then be provided. International EFT tranfer details also available.

Payments may take up to 3 days to clear -
( the time it takes your bank to process the funds)
Items will be dispatched once payment has cleared.




We can receive payments via PayPal from virtually any destination & currency in the world.
Payments can be funded from your credit/debit card or bank account.

Once you have purchased your item use the Secure Paypal link to complete checkout & payment.


For assistance -
Email: payments@reelsigns.com.au
Phone: 0499987474 (Int: +61499987474)